Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Wayne County Businessman Charged with Theft, Forgery

By Trish Hartman; WNEP-TV August 12, 2008

A businessman accused of ripping off one of his customers answered to those charges in court Tuesday.

The president of a local modular home company has turned himself in for allegedly ripping off a customer in Wayne County.


David Valenti, president of Wyoming Homes, Inc. was charged Tuesday with theft and forgery.

David Valenti is the president of Wyoming Homes, Incorporated. Tuesday he was formally charged with felony theft and forgery.

Valenti had little to say as he made his way into central court in Honesdale to surrender to police but one of his customers, Mike Agolia of Pleasant Mount, had plenty to say.

"Mr. Valenti should wake up and take care of everybody and let families get back together and put back together," Agolia said.

According to court papers, Agolia paid almost $60,000 Wyoming Homes, Incorporated for a modular home in January.

Agolia said he is still living in a camper on his property, waiting for the home he paid for.

He has been picketing outside Wyoming Homes on Route 6 for 81 days. He hopes now justice will be done.

"I keep hoping because if I do nothing, I get nothing," Agolia added.

Valenti was also charged with forgery and stealing funds from an excavating company contracted to do work for them.

Wyoming Homes, Incorporated also has three other offices, in Exeter, Bloomsburg and Hazleton.

While Agolia said nearly 30 other families have also been ripped off by the company. The Wayne County district attorney would not say whether more charges are on the way.

"At this point we're confining our attention to the two incidents that have been reported to us. We're dealing with those matters at this point in time," said District Attorney Michael Lehutsky. "In terms of anything else that might be floating out there, we'll see if anything comes up and we'll proceed accordingly with respect to those."

Valenti is free after posting $50,000 bail. He was reached by telephone Tuesday evening and said he does have the money and intends on paying Agolia back.

As for other customers allegedly being ripped off, Valenti said Agolia is the only one and he intends to make things right with him.

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