Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Last week I visited Avis America Custom Modular Homes in Avis, PA and met with some of their sales staff and production people about "Going Green".  They are doing things that I would never have thought of and I quickly learned that Avis America has been Green for quite some time and not just because it's fashionable.

Of course they recycle their cardboard, aluminum and steel and plastic like just about every other factory, but then I found out what happens with some of the other things that used to go to the landfill.

The office and factory paperwork is shredded and recycled, siding is sent to a recycler and the saw dust is used by a hog farmer.  The hog farmer was what caught me off guard.  From what I saw, it seems that even the "oink" is recycled at this plant.  Drywall scraps are used where it can help strengthen seams and the rest is sent to a drywall recycler.

And they have been doing this for a long time, even before Green became the latest buzzword.  Some companies just go about doing things the right way and don't toot their own horn, so I'm doing it for them.  Way to go Avis America!



Anonymous said...

I liked the article, it gave me some good info about what Avis does with its waste products. I do have one question ... what does the hog farmer specifically do with the sawdust he gets from Avis???!!!??? I really have to know!!

modcoach said...

I never thought to ask. I can only guess that it's used for bedding material.