Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Personal Invitation to You to Attend the January Modular Builder Round Table

On December 3rd, history was made in Lewisburg, PA. The largest group of owners and top management from 15 modular home factories, representing between 80-90% of all custom modular housing in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions, gathered for the first time to discuss the future of modular housing. 

The discussion quickly turned to the misconception of modular housing with the general public and ways to promote and market modular to both prospective new home buyers and to new site builders asking them to join our industry. Training and Continuing Education were also hot topics. After almost 3 hours, committees were formed under the watchful eye of the MHBA. 

One of the most important things the factory people wanted was for me to organize a Modular Builder Round Table just like theirs but "limited to builders only". No factory people, no vendors and no pictures. They want a frank discussion by builders as to how best to prepare for the future.

That is why I am personally inviting you to join with your peers on January 28th in Lewisburg, PA to help develop an action plan to make a difference for the future of modular housing. 

You will be asked to sign up for the same committees that the factory people formed and begin working together. You will not know which factory signed up for which committee and they won't know which builder signed for each committee. When the committees are completed, the MHBA will begin organizing the members to meet by phone and begin working together. 

This has NEVER happened before in our industry. 

You are being asked to come together with your peers for a frank discussion about the problems you face and then you will be asked to make a commitment of your time and talent, along with the factory people, to being part of the answer. This is not a factory bashing meeting, this is about your future.

So here is my personal invitation to you to be part of this game changer.

Join Tom Hardiman of the MHBA and me, the Modcoach, at the Country Cupboard in Lewisburg, PA on January 28th for the first ever Modular Builder Round Table. 

Here are the details:

Modular Builder Round Table
January 28, 2016
101 Hafer Road
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Round Table begins at 8:00 AM with a huge breakfast buffet
Meeting is from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM

Seating is limited to 24 builders, so reserve your seat(s) early. (Maximum 2 seats per builder)

Cost is only $40 per builder. Click Here to reserve your seat(s)

I have reserved a block of rooms at the Best Western next door for Wednesday evening for only $99. Tell them it is for the Modcoach meeting. 

Maddy's Sports Bar and Grill is next door to the Best Western and I will be there for dinner at 7:00 PM if you would like to join me and other builders. Dinner and drinks are on you.

I know this is January in PA but the need to get together is urgent.

Sign up today.


Anonymous said...

Coach, I am a first time builder new to modular and have just started a relationship with a factory. I would be interested in attending, do you think this is a good use of my time? Would it be a waste of a seat perhaps for someone with more modular experience?

Coach said...

Anonymous 9:10 PM
This meeting is exactly where you should be. You will meet fellow builders that will network with you, learn about common problems and help solve them. You will also meet key people from the MHBA. And let's not forget the great breakfast buffet served by the Country Cupboard. And bacon!
Yes, make your reservation now.