Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The people of Cary, NC are upset and they SHOULD BE!  Faux modular homes are coming to town and they are powerless to stop them!

The distinction between what is modular, stick built and manufactured is getting blurred by factories that are building double wide homes to IRC codes.  They still have a steel frame but everything else is built to code.

The problem arises when factories intentionally go out of their way to blur the lines and houses like this one are set in neighborhoods where mostly custom stick and modular homes have been built. 

modern mod home

You can clearly see the steel frame and single stacked concrete block foundation.  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and smells like a duck, it must be an eagle!

I blame WalMart for this!  Consumers today are only looking for the lowest price and Clayton and all the other manufactured housing companies are going to give it to them.  It’s the American Way.  Can you imagine any of these “Faux Modular” homes still being occupied 100 years from now?


Wade H. said...

I agree in 100 years these will only be vague memories, the homes we build have been in production for 50 years and still standing and going strong. I build along the gulf coast and after the past hurricanes a lot of trailor manufacturers calling themselves modular rolled in and caused a big stink down here, most of them have since pulled out and left but it has left a lot of people with a bad idea of what true modular is. we have to fight every day to re-educate home buyers and show them the difference between a true modular home and putting a dress on a pig.

Wade H. said...

this is so true, I build true custom modular homes along the Louisiana and Mississippi gulf coast and after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devistated the area the Faux modular or HUDular as they have become known as here came in in droves and were selling at half of the cost. then home owners that bought these homes and put them on there property found out they can not get a Certificate of Occupancy to live in them because they do not meet the current codes. I feel for these people,but as always "Buyer Beware"! We build custom Modular homes to meet the toughest standards and go beyond codes to build to 175MPH winds but the HUDular homes have left a bad taste in peoples mouth around here and now we spend most of our time educating them on the difference. True Modular homes will be around for a long time, and as for as the others when you put a dress on a pig you still have a pig and the dress will soon wear out.

William said...

I have to agree with this one. Thanks for sharing your insights about the fine line between modular and manufactured homes.

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Sky Miltonia said...

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