Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Just when you thought you knew what Warren Buffet’s manufactured housing companies were up to, along comes another surprise.

But first things first.  Marlette Homes in Hermiston, OR was the first of the Clayton plants to build the I-House.  After being on display at a northwest dealer, the company is looking forward to building 1,000 during the first year. Now that’s all well and good for the northwest but what about the northeastern US?

Well, it seems that Marlette Homes of Lewistown, PA won’t let their sister plant in Oregon steal the entire show.  They are just about ready to ship their  first “E-House”. 

Here are some shots of the northeast’s answer to the I-House.  It features many eco products including bamboo flooring.

don davis 001

don davis 003 don davis 004 Sneak peeks from the factory floor!






Each e-Home is built containing Energy-Star insulation and thermostats, low-E thermal pane insulated windows, 13 SEER heat pump systems, front and rear storm doors, compact florescent light bulbs and Energy Star appliances by G.E. But materials and equipment are not the only aspects of this innovative home that allow it to be truly energy efficient.

“Everything is new and state-of-the-art,” Hampstead general manager, Gurney Hufham told encore exchange last week. “We are reaching out in design as well as function.”

One of the main goals of the e-Home’s design is to allow for an open feeling, full of natural light and no wasted space. The 9-foot walls, compared to standard 7-foot walls in most modular homes, give the accommodations more dimension, letting in extra sunlight and giving the owners a sense of space to breath. This feeling is only reiterated by an abundance of windows and a full-view glass insulated front door. Porcelain sinks, solid wood cabinets, name-brand flooring and full sheetrock walls, ready for the buyer’s choice of paint or wallpaper, also give the houses a higher quality feel than most typical manufactured homes.

Another exclusive and energy-efficient option for the e-Home is the porch roof, which shades the doorway from the sun and stops excess heat from entering the home at its most vulnerable point.

Clayton Homes began their national campaign to promote the new e-Home two weeks ago. Over 500 people, ranging from managers and sales associates to consumers, have provided input on the homes, and now that all the kinks have been worked through, branches everywhere are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their models. Hufham expects his model to arrive in the next three to four weeks, which will be available for purchase immediately thereafter. Folks who are too eager to wait for the model can visit the e-Home online and begin customizing their new dwelling before contacting a Clayton Homes sales representative (www.claytonehouse.com). As with any major purchase, price is of the utmost importance. Luckily, consumers will be pleased to know that “going green” won’t cost much more than any other manufactured home. The e-Home is only $4,000 or $5,000 more than standard modular homes, and the e-Home easily makes up for the price by providing massive savings in monthly energy bills.

“We are the first in the industry to be environmentally friendly,” Huffman explained. “It is more important now than ever to give people lower costs in home operation.”

Now here’s the best part.  When I started my research for the Clayton E-Home, I found one of their models from 1994 that appears to have carried the same e-home name.  Maybe that’s why they have a jump on the rest of the industry, they’ve been at it longer!

Clayton e-home circa 1994


chris said...

I couldnt see any information on prices, are these house's expensive?

RJ said...

-I work for Clayton Homes in -Raleigh NC ...the base price for the e-house is in the upper 40's range...with set up and all improvements the home will still be in the low 50.00 per sq foot range...AMAZING for the architecture and value created..
Robert Bulla
Sales Manager
Clayton Homes of Raleigh NC

Coach said...

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quakes like a duck...it's not an eagle!
$50 is a great price for a single wide HUD home.
Haven Homes just introduced a real modular home that looks very similar for only $435 a sq ft. OUCH!
This whole eco-market is going nuts. I'm tired of trying to figure it out.

Gary said...

A very nice home. The only thing that is not up to expecatations is the cabinets. If you order on of these houses make sure you get wood cabinets in the entire house and get tall (kitchen height) vanity cabinets.