Monday, July 6, 2009


This week I visited a “Green Expo” and what I discovered aged me quickly.  First thing I noticed was that I was just about the oldest person there and I’m only 60 something.  The next thing I noticed was that these “Green Builders” have their own language.

I was a hippy back in the Sixties and thought I was one of the cool guys in this new green business because I actually went to Woodstock and lost 2 whole days of my life!  But what a surprise when I was offered designer water in a recyclable bottle, a sandwich of organic green stuff and an organic brownie.

They dressed sort of like the people from my hippie days but all their clothes sported expensive labels.  Their long hair was clean and washed and they actually picked up all their trash and separated them into the proper recycle barrels. Oh, how I miss Woodstock!

They spoke of permeable driveways made from recycled tires, trees and moss growing on rooftops and recycled rain water!  I thought builders didn’t want things growing on their homes…my mistake!

The developers were in their 30’s as were the architects and landscape designers.  Sales booths featured solar heating, green this and green that. 

I found myself getting light headed and decided it was time for a beer.

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