Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I want to thank the people at Nationwide Homes for sending me the first pictures of the home that will be used in this Spring’s “Extreme Makeover – Home Edition”  TV show.

This will be the first time the popular television program has featured a home built with modular construction during its intense one-week build time. Although the name of the family and the location of the home site cannot be released until February 21, one of five deserving families in west central Georgia has been selected as the recipient for a new Nationwide home and a life changing event.

Ron Powell, President of Manufacturing for Palm Harbor Homes, explained, “We love building homes for families, and having this opportunity to make a huge difference in the life of a deserving family is a special assignment for us. We are proud and excited to be the first modular company to work with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in their mission to improve the lives of families across our country. We are also grateful for the outpouring of generosity from our builders, sponsors, associates and many others who have already donated to this wonderful cause without even knowing the family.”

If this doesn’t let new home buyers know that modular homes are a solid investment, nothing will! 

I think all modular factories and modular home builders should thank Nationwide Homes for being the first modular home to be showcased on such a large scale.  It will benefit us all.

Here are pictures of the house on-line in the Nationwide plant.

Nationwide Factory - Extreme 2

The home is on line.  The associates at Nationwide’s Martinsville, VA plant willingly donated the labor for this home, surrendering the wages they'd have made to support the eventual family.  As a result, they were given the official blue t-shirt from Extreme (only way to get the shirt is to volunteer).

Nationwide Factory - Extreme 1 The team from Extreme Makeover toured the plant & filmed the home on line for the episode that will air later this Spring (pictured is president Andy Miller & Extreme Makeover Home Edition Designer Michael Maloney.

Nearly 50 of Nationwide’s builders have pledged money, labor & their time to the build.  Many are traveling to the site during the build & will work side-by-side to build the first Extreme Makeover Modular home.

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