Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Without sales reps, modular home factories would be forced to close.  Now that’s a fact Jack.

But maybe one of the reasons for slow sales, besides the economy, is that your factory is full of “bad” sales reps.  So here is what I consider some of the main differences between a good and a bad sales rep.  See if any of them are on your staff.


Good Rep: You have a Positive attitude about the factory and the builder

good rep

Bad Rep: You have a bad attitude and your prospects are turned off by you.

bad rep


Good Rep: You take the time to learn what your factory is capable of building and how to present that to your builders.

Bad Rep: You profess to have knowledge but when asked simple questions by your builders, you try to fake your way through it.


Good Rep:  You understand that selling is a long, hard road  to travel and work continuously to make sure your builders are happy with both you and the factory.

Bad Rep:  You do not understand that sales is a process and that it may take more than just one contact to reach your prospect and even more contacts to close a sale!


Good Rep:  You know your builders and prepare for each call, email or visit as if it the most important thing you can do for them.

Bad Rep: You are not preparing for each sales visit or contact with your prospect.


Good Rep:  You don’t want to waste your builders time with useless visits and calls so you prepare something that will excite them to want to talk with you.

Bad Rep:  You create little interest on your opening sales call and you sound too much like a robot.

There are many more differences but this should give you an idea of what makes one sales rep shine and the other one stink. 

These traits are not hereditary. 

These are acquired skills and anyone can learn them, it just takes time and effort.


Anonymous said...

Coach, are you saying that the reason modular home companys don't have sales is they are loaded with bad sales reps?

That is stupid, stupid, stupid.

Coach said...

That's exactly what I'm saying. Factories with good sales reps have good sales volumes. The ones that are running way below capacity have bad ones with a good one thrown in who keeps the doors open.

If a factory sales manager was a bad sales rep before he was promoted, then what do you think future sales volume will be?

That's a rhetorical question!