Saturday, July 24, 2010


The largest house that ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition has ever built is now finished and the girls from Boys Hope Girls Hope moved in this week.
Last Sunday the now famous words were screamed by Ty Pennington, "Move that Bus!" and the hard work and dedication were rewarded. Nobody thought the house could be completed on time because of two days of heavy rain but the girls from Girls Hope now have a new home.

The girls were estatic and couldn't believe they were actually going to live in this 11,000 sq ft home with its National Aquarium inspired roof.
The home was built in the Excel factory in PA and donated to the girls. Hundreds of volunteers and many home builders from the Maryland HBA joined together to finish it after the house was set by cranes about a week earlier. 11,000 sq ft of modular home! Now that's something every modular factory and modular builder in the US can brag about.
This was the second modular home Extreme Makeover has used. Last season a modular home built by Nationwide Homes broke new ground for the show.
We've come a long way to proving that we aren't your father's mobile home!
Here's a heads up! Harris Woodward, owner of FinishWerks, a green modular home builder from Savage, MD, and one of the volunteers on the Extreme house is going to be a contributor to this blog writing articles about Green building methods and myths.


Anonymous said...

So Excel contributes a home for this TV show but cannot live up to their commitment to a previous contest they won. And you Coach chalk it up to previous owners.
Sure seems to me that if Excel could afford to do this giveaway they should have honored their previous commitment.
I wonder what reaction the previous Anonymous' letter got from the network. Apparantely it did not matter.
BTW when will the show air?

Coach said...

Time to set the record straight. An offer was made to the Pittsburgh guy but instead of talking it over with the new Excel, he decided to try something else. The contest was for a single family home that a builder could sell or live in but the winner chose to put up an investment property instead.

The Extreme Makeover house was offered by the old Excel and completed by the new Excel.

The new Excel seems to be doing everything it can to get the company back to its former glory and I think they are on the way.

Looks like Excel is going to be a good investment for H.I.G.

Anonymous said...

Coach, I hope you are right about the things that the new Excel is doing. This is one of the biggest names in the industry and if it gets a black eye it will look bad for every factory.
Keep us informed about them as I really enjoyed being one of their builders a few years back before I got out of the business. Are Ed and Ken still there?

Anonymous said...

Coach, I know Harris and think he will make a good addition to your website.

Anonymous said...

Coach has a jaundiced attitude toward Excel - all in its favor. You can tell that by what he writes.
He fails to see the simple fact that Excel offered $100,000 in products to the person selected as the winner and they then go back on the deal. I cannot understand how the Commonwealth of PA authorities let them get by with this. Games like the $100,000 giveaway Excel ran are monitored by the Commonwealth and their failure to pay off should have been reported and acted upon by the Commonwealth. I wonder if the winners attorney has spoken with the Commonwealth?

Anonymous said...

If the new Excel did indeed try to settle the problem with the contest winner as Coach said and the Pittsburgh guy didn't want what the offered, then the Commonwealth should look into it. I think they will find that the old Excel which was owned by another company is responsible. What is your problem with Excel?
I've read this blog long enough to know that Coach was critical of Excel about 6 months when the contest winner was not paid.

Anonymous said...

People keep ignoring the fact that Excel Homes LLC (Huron Group)went out of business! HIG purchased the land and assets from the Bank (not from Huron), I am sure at a discount. This is just like buying a home out of foreclosure, you sure aren't going to be paying past electric, gas, water, or any other bills owed by the previous owner.