Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I always hate it when I miss something really good on a factory website but that's exactly what I did every time I visited the All American Homes site.

In preparing to write an in-depth article about floorplans being offered on-line by modular factories, the first one I visited was All American's.  Looking at their front page linked me to their floor plans where I was asked to choose one out of a series of homes and that's when I discovered the most amazing thing I've ever seen from a factory website.  PRICING!

Not just the price on the floorplan but prices that include the type of basement, utilities, garage and walkway options and a place to enter your lot price.  One simple click and you're given a ballpark price that includes about 95% of the actual total.  Freight is not included, as are options or any items needed to pass building codes in the area where it will be set.

When you've completed getting your ball park price, you can print out a spec sheet with all the information, floorplan and a list of what is included with the house.

Playing the devil's advocate for a minute makes me ask if they conferred with their builders to establish these "ballpark prices" or did they publish them without working with the builders and thereby forcing the builders to go along with their suggested prices.  I tried calling All American but the people I need to talk with are gone until after the holidays.

If I were looking for a new modular home, this would keep me on their site for hours and that's the bottom line.


Anonymous said...

All American actually conferred with their builder councils from each plant. When you enter your zip code it automatically adjusts costs of finish, excavation, foundation, etc. based on the numbers supplied by their builders. Example, a metropolitan area will have higher costs then out in the middle of no where. Pretty cool. I asked them about this several months ago, they started this in May.

Anonymous said...

I think it is great what they did, it will also reduce the amount of people calling you up for just a quote. BUT...their houses still look like they came from the 70's!!

Anonymous said...

Kind of makes me wonder which "ballpark"? The little league park with the short fence where everyone's a winner? Or the big boys ballpark where only a select few can hit it out?

Seems risky to me to put your prices out there for your competitors to see. If I were a manufacturer looking to keep the production line running, all I'd put on my website is simply "We can beat All American's price. Come see us after you've got your price" without revealing what my prices are. And then I'd redraw and build AAH's floor plan. And keep production working another day.

modular house said...

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Anonymous said...

Pricing no longer seems available.