Thursday, December 16, 2010


There is a new day dawning for modular factories and some are preparing for it while others are just sitting by waiting for the final nail on the coffin.  Recently I've been asking if factory owners and management are ready for this transition from single and multi-family housing to more commercial projects like apartment houses, major townhouse developments and student residences.  I believe some factories are starting to understand how to work with this type of  more demanding customer when it comes to payment terms and factory participation.

Now comes a press release from FMI Management Consulting with the NRCI for the Fourth Quarter.  Here is the section that I found very encouraging for our industry.

"The long recession brought about many changes to the industry, and we asked about one trend that could help make the construction business leaner and more efficient, the growth of prefabrication and modular construction. Panelists expect this area to grow faster than the market in general due to a number of drivers including the growing use of BIM, owners wanting projects faster and for lower cost, safety, quality and the shortage of skilled labor once markets return to more normal growth."

 CLICK HERE to read the FMI press release.

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