Friday, December 17, 2010


Design Homes in Bloomsburg, PA got an early Christmas gift thanks to the efforts of Ray Cudwadie, Commercial Sales Director and management. 

Senior Citizen apartment complex
The project is a 3-story, 58-unit, senior  apartment building. The apartment building is comprised of 130 modular units; totaling 60,000 square feet being built for Seashore Gardens Living Center in NJ. 

Design Homes LLC in Bloomsburg, PA
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Anonymous said...

Coach, you predicted modular companies turning more and more to commercial work and it seems that is just about all they have to keep the doors open. That's OK but let's hope they don't get sucked into it so far that they forget the single family home builder. I think Design Homes can build 12 floors a week and that means that for 5 weeks they have not built very many other houses.

Coach said...

I think you might be right about the number of floors they can build a week but your math is wrong. It will take almost 3 months to build all those floors.