Thursday, December 30, 2010


My wife is always asking me what my New Year's Resolution is and every year I tell her that it is to love her more than the year before.  Works like a charm, that is until January 2nd when I usually do one of those dumb husband things.

Here is my list of resolutions for our industry.

For Modular New Home Builders:
  • I resolve to answer my email and phone calls promptly.  You never know, it might be a prospect telling you they are ready to sign their contract.
  • I resolve to become more "Energy Star" efficient and embrace "Green."  Your prospects are, so why shouldn't you.
  • I resolve to create a Business Plan and a Marketing Plan.  Like my Dad used to say..."You can't get lost if you don't know where you're going."

For Modular Home Factories:
  • I resolve to really listen to my builder's compliments and complaints.  You can't improve your business if you don't care what your builders think of your company.
  • I resolve to look at my floorplans and throw out the ones that look like my Grandma lived in.  Keeping your floorplans fresh is an absolute.
  • I resolve to do a better job of training my sales reps to help their builders.  This is probably the toughest of any of the factory resolutions.

For Modular Factory Sales Reps:
  • I resolve to learn more about my builders and help them with their Marketing Plan.  You are no stronger than your weakest builder.  
  • I resolve to learn more about "Green" and "Energy Star".  Don't think your builder is going to do this, it starts with you.
  • I resolve to promptly return my builder's calls and emails.  Nothing frustrates a builder more than being ignored.

For Modular Home Retail Sales Reps:
  • I resolve to learn about "Green" and "Energy Star" as well as "Low Carbon Footprint". Your prospects expect you to be the "go to" guy where these are concerned.
  • I will take on-line training or in-person classes to improve my sales skills.  Sales is an ongoing learning experience and if you stop learning, you stop earning.
  • I resolve to keep focused on my prospects.  Each successful sale builds your confidence and helps make your year a success.


Bradley Stack said...

Coach, I resolve to keep reading your blog in 2011

Anonymous said...

great resolutions Coach!!!I will have to use most of these for myself! Happy New Year to you!