Saturday, January 15, 2011


I usually write articles that help management improve the sales team and their relationships with the modular home builder but this is a little different.  This time I want to address the factory owner/s and give them some ways that will help improve their business for 2011.

This could really be an endless list but this time I want to concentrate on how owners interact with their employees.  Even if you are currently doing every one of these things, just seeing them in print will reinforce their importance.

  1. In every factory, there are procedures and rules in every factory that stymie both production and morale.  A factory owner that wants to find out what they are should take this step.  Ask every employee to list three things that the company needs to stop doing.  Yep, every employee.  Then carefully read them and start to implement the changes suggested.  Not every suggestion is a winner, but you see the same thing coming up again and again, maybe there's more to it.  When you do implement the change, give credit where credit is due.
  2. Now it's time for you, the factory owner, to write down your three things that need to be stopped in your business.  Put these on your desktop and look at them every day until you have a plan to implement them.
  3. Ask your employees what positive things they think would help the factory grow and maintain a great workplace and steady employment.  Think of this as the "Suggestion Box".  If you use one of your employees suggestions, reward them with something like dinner for 2 at Red Lobster.  It's cheaper than hiring a consultant who doesn't know you or your factory.
  4. Manage by walking around.  This is something that was popular years ago and has sort of lost favor lately.  Your employees will get used to you wandering into their offices and in the factory and soon will be sharing their thoughts with you freely.
  5. Stop using "But", "So", "Well" or "However" to begin your sentences.
  6. You might own the company but you don't know everything that goes on in it.  Seek the help of department heads and foremen to get the pulse of the factory.
  7. People crave recognition.  In a survey a few years back, people were asked if they would like a 2% raise or be recognized by the company for their accomplishments.  Guess what?  The vast majority wanted to be recognized by the company.  Enough said.

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Anonymous said...

builders crave attention too. maybe factory owners should start handing out some recognition to their builders instead of each other at trade shows and in industry organizations.