Monday, January 3, 2011


Today there is so much negative energy in the modular home business that we only want to hear the positive things but being negative can sometimes be a good thing.  It can be very useful to examine the negative, what you don’t want, so you can more clearly see what you do want.

Even if you can’t really get behind embracing the negative to improve the positive, take a few minutes and plow through the following list and throw open the window to the negative so that you can shine a light on what’s left (the positive).  Get out a pad and pen and start asking yourself:

What don’t you want in your business?

Who don’t you want as a customer?

What don’t you want as a part of your daily routine?

Who don’t you want as a member of your staff?

What are you willing to sacrifice to get a sale?

What are you unsure of when it comes to your business?

What aren’t you doing that your customers need you to do?

Why are you making a priority list?

Be honest, you probably won’t want to tackle this list, but there are some real gems in here that can make you and your business stronger this year.  Don’t wait until your back is to the wall to start looking at what needs to be done to improve.


Anonymous said...

Coach, you are so right about the negative energy in the modular industry but that's because housing is on the rocks. Let it get better and the energy level will improve drastically

Leroy said...

Agree totally with this post,facing negative aspects of your business is the only way to overcome them.One can not really expect to reach the lofty heights of sales goals and mission statements if you ignore the pitfalls that are in the roadway.