Monday, January 24, 2011


Vancouver, BC has been working for a couple of years on a project to bring modular and affordable housing to the city.  The aim is to design and build new housing units that can rent for a low as $400 a month and also be energy efficient and green.

One councilman, Kerry Jang, has worked on the project for years and doesn't want to see the Architects and designers using shipping containers for these homes.  Finally, someone after my own heart.  But here's what I find a little interesting; there is not one mention of a modular factory being involved in the project. 

Jang says they'll be starting off with just a few units to test the concept and the city is already looking at land options. "The city actually has quite a bit of land holdings. So our staff, they're out surveying places, looking for places in which there's easy water hookup, easy sewage hookup, easy electrical hookups for example."

Jang says the city plans to consult with the public throughout the process. "It's a trial, we want to see whether or not people find it interesting, unusual, or even acceptable."

If this affordable housing project has been in the works for years, why are only architects and home designers working on it?  Didn't one modular factory that serves western Canada send in plans or designs or for that matter, even ask to meet with the council?

I read through some of the reports and unless these old eyes missed it, there is not one mention of the city meeting with anyone but architects and paying out a ton of money. In most cases, modular factories would have done this for free. If any reader is familiar with the whole Vancouver thing and knows of a modular factory that has actually talked with the city council, let me know.

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Anonymous said...

It makes sense that they'd be looking at modular. You should emember how much success they had with the olympic housing.