Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Being from the east coast has a major disadvantage when it comes to shipping modular home sections...twisting, narrow roads.  In Madison, SD, that isn't such a big problem.

There, Custom Touch Homes can ship one piece modular homes up to 32' wide just about anywhere in their marketing area.  The factory builds the ENTIRE house without mate walls, thereby eliminating the need for time consuming on-site finishing.  Sorry, they only build ranch style homes as one piece, not 2 story homes but that would be awesome to see going down the road.

Be sure to view the video when you visit their site.  Just watching them build the entire house on the line in one piece is fascinating.

Photo of an actual one piece 32' wide modular home being set earlier this winter in South Dakota

I will visit their factory some day and hopefully be just as amazed as I am today.  Damn those east coast roads.

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