Monday, January 3, 2011


It’s 2011 and let’s hope your home building business has a great year.  But if you haven’t changed anything about your operations since last year, you’re probably going to be stuck playing “where’s the money coming from” again.

Here are some tips to be a more successful builder and factory owner:

Jump over speed bumps. Keep moving forward.

“Don’t worry, be crappy.”  Keep testing and improving.  It’s OK if you’re only slightly better than what you were last year.  You don't need to be radically better; bad toilet paper is still a lot better than crumpled leaves.

Introduce some new floorplans and procedures.

Evangelize –don’t just sell!  Show that modular homes are in the new home buyer’s best interest.  Show that they will make for “Greener” homes.  Capture their hearts and heads.  It is better to legitimize the revolution than to win the battle.
Let a 1,000 flowers bloom.  Think of new ways to attract builders and buyers.
Eat like a bird; poop like an elephant!  Birds eat 50% of their weight every day.  Be a voracious eater of information and produce fertilizer to grow more business.
Never ask your customers to do what you would not do yourself.

Don’t let the bozos grind you down.  Don’t give up on your visions.



Anonymous said...

"eat like a bird, poop like an elephant" Don't we have enough bullshit in this industry?

PA sales rep said...

my company has two bozos. The owner and my sales manager. They never smile anymore. They think every builder is an idiot that just wants something for nothing. It doesn't help that they have been friends and neighbors for years. Its almost like they get together for breakfast and decide who they are angry at for the day.