Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Last year's IBS New American Home accurately reflected the housing market when the home was left unfinished for the beginning of the show because the builder went out of business and house went into foreclosure.  CLICK HERE to read the article.

But this year's home builder has sold the house for $1.5 M before the start of the show in Orlando.  It can only mean the "sign" we've all been hoping for just might be shining on the housing industry.  With only 50,000 attendees this year, the show is down from the 104,000 that attended in 2007, but there is hope in the air this year, something that hasn't been on the agenda for years. 

But, at least they can enjoy the Greek-Revival home that brings back some of the boom-era grandness. It offers about 8,500 square feet of living space and it even comes with a guest cottage. There are classical elements - pool, fireplaces, wooden floors and library/wine room - and some whimsical additions, such as a secret garden. Many of the products are donated by vendors eager to show off their wares, which kept construction costs down, said builder Keith Clarke of Continental Homes in Orlando. (Kate Clarke, his wife, handled interior design.)
For anyone attending IBS this year, make sure you stop by and tour the home.  It's already sold, so all you Realtors have to stop drooling for the listing.
CLICK HERE to read the entire WSJ article

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