Saturday, January 22, 2011


In documents filed with the SEC, H.I.G., the multi-billion dollar investment corporation, has brought All American modular homes into their nest.  Included in the filing is the notation that H.I.G. will fund the new All American Group LLC.

They also own Excel Homes in Liverpool, PA, one of the largest modular home factories in the east along with Mod-U-Kraf in the southeast.

This makes H.I.G. the largest custom modular home factory investors in the US; even bigger than Clayton or Cavco that mostly build HUD homes.

I tried to follow the SEC filing report and I think I understand a majority of it but it appears to be written by the same lawyers that write mortgage loan agreements.  If you think you can be the one to follow it through to its conclusion without the need to drop breadcrumbs to find your way back, then

CLICK HERE to read the entire SEC filing.

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