Monday, January 10, 2011


After years of our industry trying to shake itself from the stigma of manufactured housing, a reporter for the Prairie News in Grand Forks, ND has succeeded where many have failed.  An unnamed reporter has come up with what I consider the perfect definition for a modular home.  Read the definition and tell me he/she won't go down in history, right along side the queen of modular, Michelle Kaufmann! 

Superior Homes to Expand Operation to Madison
Superior Homes of Watertown, SD, is expanding its operations into Madison, SD, in order to serve the ready-to-move, one-piece new home construction market.

Superior Homes will utilize a factory previously established for home building of this type.
Superior Homes Watertown facility constructs modular homes and commercial buildings in a factory environment for an eight-state region and three Canadian Provinces. With over 55 years of experience in the housing industry, Superior Homes has a capacity to build projects ranging from entry level to executive level homes plus a wide array of other building projects that utilize a factory-setting approach to construction.
 CLICK HERE to read the article that contained this ridiculous definition.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like they are referring to a trailer if you ask me. great. just what we need!