Friday, January 14, 2011


The rumor mills are churning again.  This time it's Haven Homes who stirred it up. 


From several sources, Modular Home Builder has learned that Haven Homes, the architect driven modular home company known for it's upscale homes, is purchasing the former Penn Lyon factory in Selinsgrove, PA.  This will be their third factory in central PA.

They hope to open the plant in February.

It is also rumored that they will move their corporate offices to the new plant Corporate offices will remain in Baltimore.  Jerry Smalley is no longer the CEO.  

But here is the interesting part of the news...they are going to start building homes in the mid-price range and compete with all the other factories located within 100 mile radius of the new plant.  Has management seen something that nobody else in this particular crowded area of the US hasn't?

Time will tell first, if the rumors are true and secondly if they are going to dip their toes in the overcrowded affordable housing pool!

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PA factory owner said...

I just heard the same thing this week and I wish them the best of luck in their trying to sell homes to the average new home buyer. They have a good niche market that will rebound soon and trying to become my competitor will stretch them to the limit. They have no experience in it, no builder network for it and if they think that Ed Langley, the former Excel guru will lead them there, they are wrong.