Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I review a lot of floorplans for people.  Some are potential new home buyers that would like me to review their floorplans for simple, inexpensive ways to make it better.  Some are modular home builders that would like me to either improve their factories plans or offer suggestions.

One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that rarely does anyone at the factory review the plans for “livability.”  I’ve seen plans with doorways of different sizes going into bedrooms, 8’ long wall closets with a 30” single door, kitchens with the stove and refrigerators touching each other, etc. 

I really can’t blame the factory owners or the builder.  They both assume that when a plan is sent out to the builder that someone has sat down and reviewed it for things like that.  Unfortunately, the person doing the actual drawing is, in a majority of cases, a CAD operator without formal training in house design or functionality.  I have never seen a factory make suggestions to a builder to help improve the floorplan.  

Most CAD operators are not "Functionality" experts
It usually falls on the builder working with their clients that actually makes most of the changes and in most scenarios, neither one has had any training in traffic flow or functionality. 

There are a couple of factories that have architects doing some of the drawings but without access to the end home buyer, they are also shooting in the dark.  How much would a design specialist cost the factory to review each plan before it left the CAD department and add some suggestions to make it better?  These suggestions could also be options that the factory would upcharge for if the homeowner liked them.

But until then, keep sending me those plans because I’m happy to make a couple of bucks doing the work the CAD people won’t or can’t do.

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