Wednesday, January 5, 2011


A couple of years ago I was driving through Seaford, Delaware and a huge sign caught my eye.  It read:


I stopped the car and stared at it for a full minute trying to think of any possible reason the dealer had put up this sign.  I couldn't.  So I looked at what was on his street lot.  Lots of single and double wide trailers, both new and used.  There were also a couple of cars and trucks with "For Sale" signs on them but I couldn't tell if they belonged to the dealer.  But alas, no modular homes!

I have two questions.  First, why would it make any difference if the modular homes were from PA?  

And secondly, why would any modular factory or their sales rep even approach a trailer street dealer to sell modular homes.  It tells me that the factory has no idea what marketing is and how this hurts the modular housing industry.  

I haven't driven by there in a couple of years but I hope by now that the sign was taken down.  I don't see the same things happening on the West Coast or maybe I haven't driven on the right roads.


James from Dover said...

I saw that same sign and the last time I drove past the dealer he had changed it. Beracah Homes has a factory near this dealer and I think he couldn't get their homes so he decided to put up the PA sign. It was funny though.

Anonymous said...

While you are correct, the guy was sellling manufactured homes, not modulars, the PA manufactured housing industry does build a beter product then the southren and mid western factories(the late Fleetwood plants are examples of that).
He could have been trying that angle.