Saturday, January 29, 2011


ZETA Communities, a California company that specializes in ultra-efficient prefabricated homes, buildings and apartments, is looking to expand in the Northwest.

ZETA is aiming to build a project in the Portland or Seattle area by the middle of the year and potentially locate a modular home factory somewhere in the region if demand for the product shapes up like company leaders think it will.

"The Pacific Northwest aligns with our vision," said Shilpa Sankaran, ZETA cofounder and vice president of marketing and communications. "There are local policies and mandates in place for green building. We thought we should try to develop that market."

Backed with $10 million in venture capital, ZETA set out to build affordable net-zero buildings on a mass scale by employing offsite, factory construction. A 10-employee, 91,000-square-foot factory in Sacramento has turned out its projects to date — a handful of multi-family apartments, single-family homes and schools.

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