Monday, February 28, 2011


With all the Homes Shows and Trade Shows happening this time of year, you'd think that a factory sales rep would have no problem finding new builders for their factory.  Well, you'd be wrong.  In fact, what got builders to choose one factory over another hasn't changed in years.  And it all comes down to how good the sales rep does his or her job.

Here are some tips for sales reps that have proven track records.  Use them to not only get new builders for your factory but also to keep them loyal to you.

1. Target your audience.  You need to determine a couple of things before you start trying to bring a builder on board.  First, decide where need a new builder for a territory or a builder to replace one that is not performing up to your needs.  Then narrow your search by describing the type of builder you want to attract.  Once this is done, you can move on to designing a plan to recruit them to your factory.

2. Contact every prospect on a regular basis.  Call them personally at least every 90 days.  In between phone calls, send them a couple of emails telling them about something new or exciting happening with your factory.   

3. Join Linkedin.  This is one of the best ways for factory sales reps to keep in touch with builders and other factory sales reps.  It never hurts to know who your competition is "linkedin" with.  

4. Understand your market area.  Not every territory is the same.  Some are metro areas with only a limited number of small builders that have any kind of land, others are very rural with a builder needing to cover an area larger than the state of Kansas just to stay busy.  Whatever your assigned area, learn everything you can about it...quickly.

5. Use a newsletter to keep your name prominent.  One of the best ways to keep both your prospective builders and your active builders informed of current events in the modular world is to send them a newsletter about once a week.  You could write your own, which is both time consuming and probably one-sided or you can email the link to Modular Home Builder once a week along with a personal note.

6. Do background inquiries on prospective builders.  Google them and look not only at the "web" results but also look the "Images", "Videos" and "News" sections.  Too many people overlook these sections.  You should also check state judiciary sights for any lawsuits that might be active against the builder.  The more you know before you contact them, the stronger you will be.

7. Learn what's new in our industry.  I've seen super salespeople ignoring the importance of Green building construction, mandated sprinklers and energy efficiencies only to find that their current builders and maybe a lot of their prospective builders are taking these things seriously.  You must keep up with what our industry is doing, not only today but what is on the horizon.  Become their expert on these and many other things that your builders need.

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