Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I was searching the web earlier this week and came across a little modular company in Port Townsend, Washington that I had never heard of before; Green Pods

As you know from reading Modular Home Builder, I am not a big fan of west coast single wide modular homes like the ones designed by MK but Green Pods stopped me in my tracks.  I could actually live in one of these.  Yeah, I know.  Modcoach actually likes it.

So I decided to call them and get some more information about this great little company.  I spoke with Ann Raab, one of the principles of the company.  To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement.  I was expecting an MK clone but what I got was a very forward thinking and may I dare say it, treehugger.  Ann has a vision for her company that will carry her company far.  Green Pods is a woman owned modular company and that is the first thing that sets them apart from the "good old boys" of this industry.

But what really sets Green Pods apart from the main stream modular industry is their holistic approach to building a home.  They consider the home to be a complete package with all parts working together to help the customer live in harmony with the earth. Everything from design to decorating to furniture and furnishings are part of the overall package.

Here is one of her designs featuring a house boat.  Enjoy


Builder Bob said...

Coach, I don't understand your love for Green Pods. It barely registers as a modular builder. I agree that they are beautiful but come on, are they really worth a mention here.

Anonymous said...

Builder Bob, you are full of crap. Companies like Green Pods are what started the modular movement decades ago and companies like them are our future. To Coach: I love them too.

Anonymous said...

builder bob isnt too bright !!!