Friday, February 25, 2011


You would think that with all the advertising done about Green building procedures and certification that when you talk to a new home builder at a Home Show, they would be a wealth of information.

You would be so wrong.  Most independent new home builders I talked with at a Home Show last weekend can't really explain what goes into a green certified home.  I talked with one and he said that his were LEED certified and when I asked how many LEED homes he built last year he told me none.  But I could be his first one.  What the H*** kind of answer was that?

Another told me that his modular factory builds homes that are Energy Star rated, therefore it would be easy for him to be LEED certified.  He hasn't attempted to have one certified yet because it costs thousands and thousands of dollars and he would have to pass that on the customer.  Nobody would pay that just to say that he used bamboo on the floors.  Again...what he H***?

There are some very good Green builders out there and finding one isn't that hard but the customer has to do some research before talking with any builder and learn what goes into building a house "green."  Then when you talk to a builder, you will be able to tell if they know their green stuff or if they are just greenwashing you.

Oh, I almost forgot the best one!  I asked one if he built with organic materials (yes I did!) and he told me that he does and that's what makes his house green.  So help me God!

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Anonymous said...

There is a lot of greenwashing going on at these Home Shows. You can ask every builder the same question and get totally different answers with no tow the same.
If we can't get a straight answer, how does the consumer? It is a problem.