Saturday, February 12, 2011


Modular Musings, the official blog of Excel Custom Homes in Liverpool, PA, is featuring an interview with Sally McErn, the gatekeeper for the company's builders, potential and current customers and the sales staff.  What I think the readers of Modular Home Builder will find interesting is the inside scoop on what Sally does day in and day out for Excel.  CLICK HERE to read the interview.

I've rated Modular Musings one of the best factory blogs in the entire housing industry and this interview simply confirms their attention to keeping people informed of what is happening at the factory.

The next time you call a modular factory, let's hope you talk with someone as pleasant and organized as Sally.

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Excel home owner in NY said...

I've actually talked to Sally and I'm surprised by how calm she stayed while I was yelling through the phone. Looking back on it, she was very nice and I'm sorry I yelled at her for something my builder did.