Sunday, February 20, 2011


Kan Build, Inc, a modular home and multi-family builder based in Osage City, KS announced on Friday the suspension of operations effective immediately. The company said a protracted housing recession coupled with nearly non-existent new home financing and a harsher than normal winter have combined to reduce new home orders to a level that will not sustain continuing operations.

The company remains hopeful that an influx of orders or a new financial partnership will see the 78 current workers return to their jobs in early spring, said Quintin Robert of Kan Build.

The plant in Osage City has operated nearly continuously for over 25 years. The plant’s best year, 2001, saw production reach nearly $20 million with Kan Build’s combined sales level for the year reaching nearly $30 million. At the time, the Osage City facility employed approximately 275 people as the location served as the corporate office for all of Kan Build’s three production facilities and nearly 500 total employees.

The company sold during the same year to a publicly traded competitor, Coachmen Industries, which operated the location through their housing subsidiary, All American Homes. 

After five years of operation, in the fall of 2005 All American Homes announced its intention to close the facility permanently. For the second time, John Samples lead a group of local investors to repurchase the closing facility, as he had previously done in 1989.

In all, Kan Build has operated the Osage City facility 17 of its 25-plus years of existence.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to see this posting! My husband and I have owned 2 Kan
Build homes, in different cities & loved both homes! We're in the market for a 3rd home, so we came to the website of the best modular home builder we know - and saw this posting!