Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's a dirty job but someone has to be the governor of Maryland.  Governor Martin O'Malley is pushing to ban septic system for developments of 5 or more building lots, even if the land is far from public sewer and water.  There is a lot of rural land in MD.

He also wants the septic systems that are put in to be of the more costly type to help the environment of the Chesapeake Bay even if they are many miles from it and have no underground ties to it.  One size fits all in MD.

Builders are concerned that the extra costs incurred in this new proposed legislation will cripple even more a fragile building industry within the state.  There are currently 36,000 workers directly tied to construction in MD but that is down 16% from 2007.  This bill could drop that number by thousands and put many people out of work and maybe shut down some proposed developments within the state.

If you are a builder in a state that has a river or a lake (That's all of you!), your state law makers just might be watching MD's bill and if it passes, they might start bringing to your state.  Just what the housing industry needs.  Cleaner, more eco-friendly and job killing septic systems.


Anonymous said...

There's got to be more to this story. I agree that the Chesapeake Bay needs help but I really can't understand why a state governor would try to hinder home construction during this house bust.

Anonymous said...

Do we want unregulated development at the cost of a dirty bay? Check out
for the other side of this story.

savingruralmaryland said...

We must all do our part to protect our Bay! Governor O’Malley’s progressive thinking will not only help save the Chesapeake Bay, but it will reduce costs to taxpayers by concentrating growth in growth areas instead of on productive farming lands.