Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Our team at "" Modular Today had an idea that we wanted to share with modular home builders.

You may have become bored while watching a modular home being set for the 100th time.  However, the general public is still amazed at this sight.  Why not take full advantage of this public spectacle?  Here are a few tips to turn a modular home set into a great sales opportunity.

Want  Free Newspaper Exposure?
How would you like an article in the local newspaper with a picture of your latest modular home project?  To make this a reality, start with submitting a press release every time you schedule a modular home set.  If you do not know how to submit a press release simply search on Google.  The press release should mention the latest buzzwords like the "green features" and "time/cost savings" of using modular construction. 

Make sure to send a copy of the press release to the local newspapers.    Include a detailed timeline with the press release you send them; this will make it easier for them schedule a journalist to cover your event.  Of course, the more lead time you provide will also help to increase the chances of having your modular home set be covered by the newspaper.  Not every press release will lead to success but if you keep at it you will be rewarded with newspaper coverage.  All it takes is some time to write the press release and submit it!

Have a Block Party!
A modular home set is a great opportunity to make new connections and reconnect with old sales leads.  Make sure to let your potential customers know about this.  Watching a modular home set can be a great way to close a deal and handle questions or concerns customers may have about modular homes . 

You may also want to let the nearby homeowners know.  This serves the dual purpose of a courtesy notice (in case you have to block any streets) and a sales opportunity.  I recently was at modular site in a seashore town and found out it was the third home the builder put on that block.  After the neighbors saw how a small beach house was knocked down and replaced with a great modular vacation home without  having the family miss any beach weather, several neighbors signed up.

To maximize the sales opportunity of spectators (and keep them out of the way of your crew), set up a table with coffee, donuts and your sales literature in an area not in the way.  You may also want to provide a simple FAQ sheet.  This can help onlookers follow the steps of setting a modular home and gives you another chance to promote modular homes. 

Making Modular Memories!
You know your team has worked on great modular projects that look incredible.  Your prospective home buyers do not know this.  Make sure to document your modular projects with photos and/or video.  If people are unable to see your modular home set, at least you can share pictures with them.  Your customers probably also appreciate you giving them some nice pictures of their home being built.

People unfamiliar with the great opportunities of modular homes seem to always be impressed with the "before and after" pictures.  Make sure to take pictures of the custom features for each of your modular homes.  This will help to demonstrate to prospective clients the wide range of capabilities that modular construction offers.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you to make more modular home sales.  If you are looking for other ways to promote your modular home company then think about "" submitting your modular photos and floor plans to  This is a free service to help connect modular home buyers with builders.  Good luck with your 2011 sales!

Article contributed by Modular Today.


Thom said...

Are you serious ! A set is WORK.
Not a home show. Carriers are in and out,crane, mud, snow, debris, nails. The crew needs to watch the foreman, the crane,and their job. NOT the camera or the popcorn vendor.Even crew trucks are in the way at times. Its dangerous and a hard hat area. Everybody needs to focus and not be smiling for the fans. A good video by someone who knows their place is the best way to be safe and sell to more then the crowd. SAFETY FIRST

Anonymous said...

Hey Thom. If one of your customers wanted to see their house being set, would you tell them to stay away until it is done? NO
So why are you so against having others watch the set. Did you have a house fall on your head? This is a great way to impress them with modular construction.

Anonymous said...

I worked for a manufacturer who did their own sets (builders were not allowed to set the houses nor hire outside crews). Our service related costs were the lowest I have ever seen and our builders were very happy and loyal. We encouraged our builders to have the customers attend the set. Couple reasons, our guys were the best and very professional so it instilled confidence to the buyer and soon to be buyer. Secondly, it instilled a lot of pride in our set crew knowing how important their job was and appreciated.
The builder was required to set up a area outside the boom of the crane with construction tape for the people to watch. Many times this turned out to be a picnic for the family and their friends.
This was absolutely the marketing for the least money a builder can have.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Thom about safety should be first. You can't deny that a set generally attracts attention and there are passerbys who will stop to gawk. I think having a designated place for those people away from the crane and trucks actually can help increase safety.

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