Thursday, February 17, 2011


Nationwide Homes, the modular home arm of Palm Harbor, isn't letting any grass grow under their feet during this housing downturn.  Even though Palm Harbor is in serious financial trouble with speculations that they may be purchased by one of the biggest HUD manufactures, they have introduced their latest series of homes...The Renew Collection.

Redwood Shores model
This series is targeted for city infill lots with the houses being narrower than a lot of their competitors homes.  Nationwide has resisted the change to major commercial work like some of the other big names in our industry.  Excel Homes for example has contracts to build 600-800 modules this year for projects in NY state.  That's a major chunk of their capacity.

Nationwide has always focused on the single family market and has been quite successful in it.  It will have to be seen if they can continue to target this market now that the company will soon be absorbed into the wonderful world of HUD.


Anonymous said...

Coach, what is your love affair with Nationwide Homes?

Anonymous said...

You ought to check on the prices of these babies before you give them kudo's. The price will gag you. Sort of like their Eco-Cottages that they tried to move from the upper 80's and up for about 300 sf. Amazed at the decisions that are being made by this company. Maybe thats why they contributed to the Chapter 11.

Coach said...

One of the problems in reducing the size of your homes to fit the lot is that the home still needs a kitchen, at least one bathroom and a bedroom. It's the old economy of scale rule in reverse.

It takes the same amount of engineering, line time and production costs as a module that only has dead air space like a living room and a dining room.