Monday, February 7, 2011


I was watching the Super Bowl last night when I saw a commercial for Gieco Insurance saying that people who haven't heard of their "15 minutes could save you 15% on your car insurance" ad must be living under a rock.  Then I started thinking about how many of the visitors to modular company websites are finding little or no information about "Green" building methods.

I went to every website listed on Modular Home Builder this morning and quickly looked to find any mention of Green on their websites.  With today's new home buyer more aware than ever of the benefits of Green building methods and how it helps both the environment and them, they are looking for information anywhere they can find it.  Almost every factory is mentioning Energy Star but few talk about Green.

So here I go again, rating websites on their Green awareness.  I used a very simple method to rate them.  The first one is No Mention.  That one is self explanatory.  The next is Mentioned.  This one ranges from a single paragraph to a nice but condensed explanation of Going Green.  The final category is Green Aware.  This one tells the visitor a lot of interesting things about Green and how their factory is working to make the planet healthier.

All American Homes
Epoch Homes
Excel Homes
Genesis Homes
Haven Homes
Linwood Custom Homes
Preferred Building Systems
Signature Custom Homes
Simplex Homes

Affinity Building Systems
Barvista Building Systems
Beracah Homes
Commodore HomesDesign Homes
Heckaman Homes
Keiser Homes
Nationwide Homes
Manorwood Homes 

Premier Building Systems
ProBuilt Homes
R-Anell Homes
Ritz-Craft Homes
Westchester Homes

Apex Homes
Cardinal Homes

Contempri Homes
Custom Touch Homes
Dickenson Homes
Durabuilt Homes
Foremost Homes
Future Home Technology
Guerdon Homes
Hand Crafted Homes
Heritage Homes of NE
Home Crafters
Huntington Homes
Icon Legacy

New England Homes
New Era Homes
North American Homes
Palm Harbor Homes
Pengrove Homes
Pittsville Homes
Safe Way Homes
Stratford Homes
Terrace Homes

If you think I have mis-rated a factory, please let me know and I'll change it.


Anonymous said...

The Keiser website actually has a quite a bit of information about it's Net Zero home including a pdf and white paper. I attached the links to both the Net-Zero model specific page and the "About Us" page with the pdf of the specs of the Net-Zero home.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Hey Coach!

Nationwide does have green mentioned at numerous places on the site (hi-performance), plus pages such as:

Also found a builders site (spinoff of Vanderbuilt) that uses Nationwide factory that goes into great detail. Very informative. Check out

Hope that helps!

Coach said...

It took a little digging to find them on both of the above sites but as you notice, I upgraded both of them to MENTIONED.

It shouldn't be a Easter egg hunt to find the word "Green" on the home page however.

Anonymous said...

coach, i cant believe im pointing this out but appears you forgot Haven Homes completely unless i'm not seeing it on your list.

Coach said...

WOW! I can't believe I forgot Haven Homes. They have one of the best Green areas of any website in the industry.

Sorry about that!

Huntington Homes said...


The lack of the word “green” on our website is deliberate. Frankly, we think that folks are sick of the greenwashing that’s occurring everywhere (like Huggies calling their disposable diapers “pure and natural” because they contain a small piece of organic cotton on the label).

If you dig a little deeper into our website you’ll find lots of information on how we build and why. We build mostly in Climate Zone 6, and therefore focus our efforts on building envelope and durability issues. We feel that in the long run, these items are more important then the “greenness” of recycled glass drawer knobs.

Rather then a survey of who’s using the word “green”, I’d be more interested in seeing a survey about what each of us is doing to build a better house. I know some are doing more. And some are doing less.

Jason Webster
Huntington Homes, Inc

Coach said...

Jason, I agree that Huntington Homes is one of the best built homes in our industry and I wish I had some way to measure how other factories build their homes. That would be interesting.

I reviewed your website again and you're right; no mention of green, just Energy Star which is not what this particular comparison was all about.

I wish you would at least list the wonderful things you are currently doing to help the environment and call them "green" as I feel that a lot of your website visitors do look for some information about it.

Walter said...

Check Westchester Homes. I think you missed it. Let me know your thoughts.

Coach said...

Walter, I'm sorry to have missed one of the big modular companies, Westchester Modular Homes. I added them the MENTIONED list and maybe they should be in the top one.

Anonymous said...

Coach, you might want to check Manorwood's site out. Right on the opening page in "Green", it lists that all of its homes come standard "Green Ready".

Bob said...


Commodore has multiple factories,each which serve different markets. Pennwest, Manorwood, and Commodore Homes of Indiana all highlight both 'green' and Energy Star on their home page.


Coach said...

Bob, your right about the websites you mentioned and I'll move them up to the MENTIONED column. But here again it was like looking for Easter eggs.

They should make Green prominent like the ones in the GREEN AWARE column have.