Thursday, February 3, 2011


The kitchen is changing.  These changes include a more universal design, better lighting, more efficient workspace, pantries and better overall cabinet placement.  With more and more home owners wanting to prepare their own homemade meals rather than buying prepackaged foods, the kitchen is evolving into the central area of the home; even more so than family rooms.

I’ve looked at thousands of modular home floor plans over the past few years and I can tell you that the vast majority of factories just want to put in enough cabinets to qualify as a kitchen.  I can count on one hand the number of dedicated pantries I’ve seen.  And then there is the cabinet placement itself.  There are floorplans with the refrigerator directly beside the range; corner base cabinets flanked by the range on one side and the refrigerator on the other making the corner counter space useless.  Some factory floorplans don’t show the actual refrigerator footprint on the plan and when you look closely at where the frig is supposed to go, there isn’t enough room to get past it into the next room if you’re carrying something. 

The typical kitchen for most factory floorplans includes a standard sinkbase, one drawer base cabinet, an opening for a dishwasher, two other base cabinets and some assorted width wall cabinets.  Usually there are no more than 9-11 cabinets in any of these homes.

How much would it add to the cost of each home if a certified kitchen and bath specialist were brought in to redesign the kitchen or at least do a couple of optional kitchen designs and even bath designs for some of the more popular floorplans.  Even if it would cost $5,000 to have some optional designs drawn for their builders to show new home prospects, the factory could easily recoup the cost with the optional kitchen costs.

I see all the factories drawing these tiny eco-friendly homes that neither their builders nor their customers want and neglect to work on the one part of the house that everyone looks at first.

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Thom said...

Give me a break. Factories can just about get the cookie cutters right.
Leave us a blank area we can tweek it.
The factories lost all there craftsmanship with the introduction of the " Projects " Oh well whatever you need to survive.

They lost touch with an end user ( homeowner) Just want to push boxes and numbers for a"project"