Friday, March 11, 2011


I can remember a few years back when Home Shows were called Builder's Shows.  After what I saw today, there will probably never be another Builder Show like the ones from the good old days.

If it weren't for the remodelers, craft people, landscapers, banks and spa dealers; the actual number of home builders at the show could fit in a Chevy van.  There were three modular home builders and two site builders plus Ryan Homes.  The two modular home builders had good looking booths manned by professional looking sales reps.

One of the site builders had a nice looking booth with the owner and his wife manning it.  Very nice.  The other site builder booth was just a table with a couple of handwritten signs and the owner sitting behind the table handing out candy and a single piece of paper with his address and phone number printed on it.  Is this the kind of competition that the modular home builders are afraid to compete with?

My favorite booth was from the large regional builder, Ryan Homes.  It consisted of a table with a young girl sitting behind it and handing out floorplans on single pages.  She did have a bowl of candy...I took a tootsie roll.  This was the worst major builder booth I have ever seen.

Most of the remodelers looked like they just came back from the job.

On a scale of 1 -10....this one was a 2!  Please Lord, let it get better at next week's show.

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