Thursday, March 10, 2011


No matter how hard we want to keep the modular factories open, they just keep being forced to close.  It appears that no sooner had Cavco/Fleetwood been given the OK to purchase Palm Harbor Homes and it's Nationwide Modular Homes division than it closed the Nationwide plant in Arabi, Georgia.

Nationwide Modular Homes - Arabi, GA plant

Let's hope it's only closed until the economy turns around.  Nationwide will be building all their homes in their Martinsville, VA factory.  Hang in their Nationwide.  You build a great home and things will be looking up soon.

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Leroy said...

Now thats a bit of tough luck. wonder if the acquiring company really thought this out. Do any of their other holdings have the expertise and cache that Nationwide BUILT over the years .Oh ,and by the way ,diesel fuel is climbing in price faster than gas...transporters don't run on ambition!!!