Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It seems that there is a modular home factory just about everywhere you turn in the United States.  Our manufacturing plants are some of the best in the world, or so we assume.  But let me be the one to burst that bubble.  Most of our factories have been around for over 25 years and the way we build houses has not changed for most plants.  Sure, we make improvements in the process but they are still being assembled the same way they were when the factory was built.

Looking around the world, we see IKEA building modular homes in state-of-the-art factories as are Panasonic and Sony in Japan.  They are quietly and quickly creating brand names for their homes that are recognized throughout the rest of the world.  I would bet that if you went to Japan or Europe and asked someone to name of an American modular home company, they would give you that deer in headlights stare.

Why am I pointing this out?  Because I just came across one of the largest modular building factories in the world and I am sorry to say, I never heard of them before.  And they are located in Thailand!

LIFESBOX builds everything including single family homes, commercial buildings, residential complexes, banks, restaurants and many other types of buildings.  They just opened a 246,000 sq ft, state-of-the-art factory that would be the envy of any modular factory in the US.  They ship their modules all over the world.  Their modules are unlike anything we think of as modular in the U.S. 

The design of their 246,000 square feet facility is divided as follows:
  • Office Building 12,000 sq.ft
  • Canteen 4,000 sq.ft
  • Assembly Factory 100,000 sq.ft
  • Fabricated Factory 80,000 sq.ft
  • Warehouse and Furniture Factory 50,000 sq.ft and
  • Staff Accommodation 300 units
Did you see the last line?  They actually give their workers housing at the factory complex.  This wouldn't work in the US unless there was a recession and workers needed a place for their families to live until the economy improved.

CLICK HERE to see the factory


Anonymous said...

Coach--Do you have any photos of the product they are producing?

Coach said...

Visit the LIFESBOX link highlighted in the article. It shows hundreds of pictures.

Now this is a factory I would love to visit.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Coach but it has nothing to do with real modular like we have in the United States. They have to provide housing for their workers in order to keep them enslaved.

Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised when the North American Manufactures find themselves consolidating to survive and then....purchased by foreign investors

modular building guy said...

Hello from the UK. I can't imagine our workers wanting to live on the factory site either!

Dale said...

I think it's definitely huge and very modern. It's different from other factories. The design is actually what makes it unique.

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Philippine business registration said...

The actual design really looks more like a apartment complex than a factory. The company did a great job in reinventing their factory and image.

Anonymous said...

i've visited this yard recently and was impressed by the design layout and functionality of facilities.
a great deal of thought has gone into "usability" for module roll-out.
However, - as a side note, I take issue with comments such as "enslaved" and "real modular like we have in the United States" !!
For those less educated, there are countries outside the US or UK where living and working conditions and standards are different to "western" concepts.
the housing provided - in this case - is OPTIONAL not mandatory and in some cases better than those the workers have in their villages / provinces.
I suggest they look outside their own backyards occasionally and realise there is another world !!

This is a good, modern factory by ANY world standard (including the US or UK) and produces a quality product.
I'm an expat by the way!