Wednesday, March 30, 2011


IBIS World, the largest publisher of targeted data, researched over 700 industries to determine the Top 10 dying industries in the US.  Manufactured housing made the list!  

My biggest concern about this report is most people equate manufactured housing (mobile homes, trailers, single and double-wides) with modular homes.  If they really know the difference, I can almost believe the report.  If they don't know the difference, then the modular housing industry is about to lumped in with a type of housing that the report says is "circling the drain."

If there was ever a time for the people that belong to our industry's national organizations to start putting together a united marketing effort, it's right now.  Anyone who reads this report will probably think our industry is about to join these industries.

Here is the least of businesses with the vultures hovering about, listed from most revenue to least:

  1. Wired communications carriers
  2. Mills
  3. Newspaper publishing
  4. Apparel manufacturing
  5. DVD, game and video rents
  6. Manufactured home dealers
  7. Video postproduction services
  8. Record stores
  9. Photofinishing
  10. Formal wear and costume rental

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Anonymous said...

Big word there is "dealers" they are dying off. its too hard to run housing like a car lot with lots of inventory. There are a very select few Modular builders that operate the traditional dealership mentality. The days of Multi home lot models are getting smaller and smaller. It is far more economical to travel to the factory and let them provide the display home or homes.