Thursday, March 10, 2011


PA home builders and modular home manufacturers are breathing a little easier this week.

A costly mandate requiring sprinkler systems to be installed in all new residential homes in Pennsylvania was repealed Monday by the state House of Representatives.

The chamber voted 154-39 in favor of repealing the sprinkler mandate. The mandate will remain on the books until the state Senate and Gov. Tom Corbett also approve the repeal.

As of Jan. 1, Pennsylvania’s Uniform Construction Code (UCC) requires all new single- and double-family homes to have sprinkler systems installed. Those in favor of the new mandate say sprinkler systems save lives while the Pennsylvania Builders Association claims the mandate increases costs by up to $15,000 per new home, hurting the state’s struggling construction industry.

It's about time that common sense prevails over those with Chicken Little agendas.


Anonymous said...

And not a moment too soon. Use that money for floor plan expansion, granite tops or another amenity.
And what about the people that will soon be residing in homes with sprinklers that are no longer a mandate. I can almost see the lawyers TV ads.

Heywood said...

Thankfully, if a building permit was issued prior to 1-1-11, the home could be built without sprinklers. so very few homes were built with them. The proposed bill would extend back to any home permitted since Jan 1.