Monday, March 21, 2011


An alert reader of Modular Home Builder brought this to my attention.  If I were going to start a new home construction company in Massachusetts, I would probably start asking myself if I really needed the hassle.

It seems that MA has a new building code that restricts who can work on metal ductwork within the confines of a new home, thus raising the cost of a new home higher and higher.  You would think that there is an overabundance of new homes being built in the state and that there is a waiting line for building permits.  But all it takes is a couple of clueless elected officials to write bills further curtailing new homes at an affordable price.  This is what happens when liberals congregate in one state.

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Heywood said...

Coach, come on, your comment about "liberals" is silly.
Why not say, "That's what happens when builders are weak sisters"!
These issues certainly are important and need the industries attention. But blashing "liberals" or "conservatives" or using any other stereotype, does not serve any purpose.

Coach said...

I'm sorry Heywood. You're right, I shouldn't take cheap shots at liberals but sometimes I just can't help myself.

SPeterson said...

Coach, it's your blog, you can take any shot you want to! Besides, some of us agree with you.

Sam said...

I am in total agreement with SPeterson. You are right about MA being anti-new housing. If you want to build a new home in the state, you better be bald to start with because you'll have no hair left after pulling it all out in frustration. And which state is the most liberal in New England? You guessed it.

Heywood said...

Isn't Mass. the home of Mitt Romney? Yes, only a very liberal state would elect him as governor.