Thursday, March 3, 2011


How many of you have read one or more "Self Help" books about selling to the consumer?  Come on, don't be shy...we all have.  I have found that there are generally two kinds of self help books.  The ones that actually help and the ones that don't.

The ones that really work are detailed and require you to do repetitive work and keep good records of your progress.  They don't promise to turn your world around overnight but do give you a workable plan to follow.  If you do, you might have a shot at really improving your sales.  We don't like these, do we?  They actually want us to work toward a dare they!!!

Then you have the books that don't work.  These books promise to make you a super salesman in only 4 quick and easy steps.  Now you're talking!  Sign me up today.  If you can't be bothered to even read the book, you can sign up for one of the author's seminars usually costing just under what a family of 4 will spend at Disney World for a day.  

So what do you get for your investment?

1.  Made up scenarios.  Ever hear of John Dooby, the under-performing sales guy from Topeka, KS that started earning over $200,000 a year within weeks of reading the book?  Well, neither did the author who made up the whole thing.  Or how about Sarah Lipton, the secretary from Seattle, WA that quit her job and became a star sales person for a big west coast modular company?  Again, no such person.  (Important note: there are no Federal, State or local government agencies that verify these claims.)

2.  4 Easy Steps to a New Future.  As Dr. Phil says, "This ain't my first rodeo."  If it were as easy as the author says, everyone would be doing it.  I defy you to find even one person that has completed this easy 4 step course and made money "beyond their wildest dreams."  Dream on.

3.  Show me the Money!  If you want to feel really dumb, pay for the book and go to the seminar and after you've done both and nothing has changed in your life, ask for your money back.  Yup...the only person to make money off of self help books are the authors and publishers.

So the next time you get the itch to change your life by purchasing one of the get rich quick self help books, do this instead.  Either take your spouse to a great dinner at a fancy restaurant or simply send me the cash.  You might get lucky with your spouse.

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