Friday, March 18, 2011


Once again unions are protesting about something.  If it's not the Wisconsin political problems, it's the fight against modular housing.  What?  Modular Housing!

Yep, you heard it here.  The New York State District Council of Iron Workers is angry that a new 34 story residential building will be built with modules supplied by Capsys Corp, an industry leader in metal modular fabrication.

The New York Times reported that the $4.9 Billion, 16 tower project built on the Atlantic Yards in New York will include a 34 story building that is projected to cost half what other towers will cost because of modular construction.  This is bad news for the steel workers because most of the work will be one off site and the modules will be shipped to the project's site.

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Chuck Owings, Pres. said...

If the project can be done for half the cost, that's great! The unions have to get off their high horse and deal with the global economy in a realistic way. They will have to make some radical compensation to keep the US (yes that is us and the United states) in the global market. The labor force outside the unions is forced to compete with the overpriced union work. Get the unions back to understanding that they are there to keep their members employed with reasonable benifits and not to have the excessive perks not available to the real labor force. This could bring the US into a more competitive stance with global markets.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second.. the issues here aren't that simple. America was built on the middle class and the middle class was able to prosper due to collective bargaining.
I agree, the American workforce needs to think more globally, but I think it is easy to blame organized labor and let the CEO's off the hook. They are the other side of the coin.

Anonymous said...

Capsys is a class company The union are killing the country and NY. NY uion eletricians get $156 per hour. I wonder why they are all ferlowed for 6 months a year. Keep the union are killin his country movment going. Congratulations to the right to work states.

Tom H said...

I think this project will open the debate - not on union vs. non union, but rather on site built vs off site. Its my understanding that Capsys is a union shop. Some of the quotes here are incredible for the modular industry. The take away for me is that modular is a more resource efficient building process which will save the owners/developers/taxpeyers money. That is significantly different than saying modular is "cheaper" and thereby implying lower quality. Let the debate begin!