Sunday, April 17, 2011


Apex Modular Homes Rehires Laid-Off Workers

Good news continues for Apex HomesInc. of Middleburg, PA.  It reports it has called back as many as 23 laid-off workers and added another production day to its work week to meet demand.
“It’s been a lot of hard work; we’re 50 percent over this time year-to-date for the first quarter as we were last year,” Apex vice president Lynn Kuhns said Friday.  “As far as number of houses built, we’re 33 percent over last year in total dollar value.”
Production has increased throughout the plant in every manufacturing aspect from the production line, framing, warehouse distribution and quality control, among others.

To meet the demand, Apex has added another day to its typical work week of four 10-hour days for all of April and two weeks in May which gives the employees a chance to pull in overtime pay.

Palm Harbor closes another factory.

Jobs are being lost in Kyle, tx due to a plant for Palm Harbor Homes, the Dallas-based manufactured and modular home maker, closing, 129 jobs will be eliminated. 

The company says the cuts affect 119 hourly workers and 10 salaried management positions.
Palm Harbor operates eight plants nationwide including the Nationwide Modular Home factory in Martinsville, VA.


Anonymous said...

Coach, check your Linkedin posts. It shows that Ed Langley is now back as CEO of Excel. Short stay at Haven.

Anonymous said...

Really? Wow and it says hes been at it for 13 years, This has got to be how rumors get started. And Wow look at the comeback Penn Lyon is making!!

Roger Lyons is in charge:

And David Reed is the president:

C'mon now, you cant believe everything you read. Linkedin inst the hottest site on the planet, theres this other new site, cant remember the name, has something to do with a book or something. and I know not everyone gets there to update themselves, or maybe they are busy running companies.

Coach said...

I just learned that Ed Langley is still with Haven Homes.

Anonymous said...

No shock there.

Jennifer T said...

Is Ed Langley with Haven Homes or not? Haven Homes just announced that he has departed.

Something smells fishy here.

Anonymous said...

Did Haven ever re-open the old Penn Lyon factory? Are they producing anything out of it? Is it true that Ken Reinard left Excel and is running the new factory? Is it true that Dave Reed (of the old Penn Lyon) took over for Ken at Excel? have you heard any of these rumors?

Coach said...

Yes, I've heard these rumors and YES, they are all true.

Anonymous said...

sooo...does any manufacturer ever find new blood or is just the same people hopping from plant to plant for bigger paychecks? sounds like a good way to evoke real change in an industry that desparately needs it.