Friday, April 8, 2011


Design Homes, LLC in Bloomsburg, PA just might be on the right path to additional revenue.

They are working with SC3 (Stackable Commercial Construction Concepts), a Mechanicsburg, PA company, and have commenced the manufacturing of the modular units in the construction of a three story, 77 room Holiday Inn and Suites located in York, Pennsylvania. This hotel is comprised of 45 modular units; totaling 35,500 square feet.  The modular construction will dove tail with conventional on-site construction of the lobby, dining, laundry, office, fitness, pool, elevator and other ancillary areas.

SC3 and Design Homes have worked meticulously in the planning stages of the project. It was extremely important to uphold franchise standards and maximize the use of modular construction to its fullest extent. Every detail was arduously thought through right down to the placement of artwork. 

While manufacturing modular units for the hospitality industry is not new, achieving a level of “plug and play” will greatly expedite the construction schedule, drive cost down and capture market share in a very competitive environment.  SC3 and Design Homes have created a hospitality paradigm which will become the benchmark in hotel construction.  Both companies are currently wrapping up the details to construct a La Quinta Inn & Suites in the very near future.



Anonymous said...

SC3 and Design Homes have created a hospitality paradigm which will become the benchmark in hotel construction. The aforementioned statement, cut from your post, is a great "sound bite" but what do you really mean when by this statement? Where is the substance to back up this statement. What is this "hospitality paradigm" that SC3 and Design Homes has created?

Coach said...

I guess I shouldn't use such highbrow phrases. It simply means that they have established criteria for future projects for building modular hotels for the big chains.

modular house said...

Modular house can be custom built to contain everything that a normal everyday home would; skylights, vaulted ceilings, entertainment centers, fireplaces, custom cabinets.

Louis said...

I think it's a good move. Adding hotels to their portfolio will be great for their business.

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