Thursday, April 21, 2011


What are Architects on the West Coast smoking these days?  I know about 4/20 and it seems to be influencing the housing market there.  There isn't much difference between their idea of housing and a chicken coop.

The latest offering is from a company called Sustainable Housing.  I offer as evidence the following pictures and video and ask if you could live in one of these.   Blade Runner is becoming a reality.  CLICK HERE to read the article in Fast Company.

Sustainable Living Housing

Chicken Coop


Anonymous said...

Coach, I'm surprised you didn't mention Michelle Kaufmann in the article. Are you mellowing out in your old age?
May the Easter Bunny find your house and leave lots of chocolate eggs.

Anonymous said...

Coach I don't know Arlan Collins, principal at CollinsWoerman who is quoted in the story as Architect for this design but my thought is just another case of architects getting into the modular industry ala M. Kaufman, Dwell Magazine, etc.
Plus they do not even know how to do the structural loading and design work to get the structural framing INSIDE the modular units. Instead they want to just insert the mods into a steel framework. This is stuff the modular industry looked at 20 years ago and figured out how to do it right.

Anonymous said...

People that would willingly live in these types of stupid homes deserve whatever befalls them. The house is beyond ugly. Why can't an Architect look beyond just taking a shipping container and changing it into an ugly house.
Dwell Magazine encourages these kind of houses. What we need is an architect that can design a more traditional home with all the really cool eco and energy stuff we all want.

Modular Home Place said...

I like some of the modern designs offered by some architectural firms. However, the stark and minimalist design is chilly and impersonal. In affect I believe some of the designs will lead to many joining a "Fight Club." The designs are to boost the egos of designers rather than create modern living spaces for today and the future. I have modern modular homes on my site which are a bit softer in design.