Sunday, April 24, 2011


I really enjoy reading news about the modular housing industry and I especially like browsing the blogs on modular homes and factories.  There are quite a few out there but most are directed toward one particular product like the iHouse blogs or they are pitifully outdated and haven't been updated in years.

There is one blog however, that has become the absolute leader in factory blogs.  Modular Musings from Excel Homes.  It is updated several times a week with interesting stories about the industry in general, Excel Homes and it's people and ideas for the prospective new home owner.

They understand that today's new home shopper is going to the Internet daily looking for information about the their new home purchase.  Congrats to Excel for the finest factory blog in the entire industry.


Anonymous said...

I had visited their blog before but I'm going to go there from no on. Nice site with good information. Thanks Coach

The Excel Homes Team said...

Thanks for the kudos, Coach! It definitely means a lot coming from someone like you who knows a thing or two about the modular industry AND blogs. We'll do our best to keep our "finest factory blog" title.

Rachel Roy said...

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