Thursday, April 14, 2011


Here is a map showing where over 1,000 lumberyards and building material stores have either been closed or mothballed since 2008.  How many houses will have to be built a year to get these yards reopened? 

CLICK HERE to read the entire list.


Brad said...

I counted far less than 1,000 on the map.

Anonymous said...


Go to Pro Sales Magazine online. They have the complete list and they also have a list of openings. Closings outnubmer new yards about 9 to 1.

Randy said...

Funny... I know of more lumberyards in my state that closed in that time that are not on the list. Plus, I've never heard of the one's that did close.

Coach said...

I didn't make up the list myself. It comes from ProSales. Click on the link in the article and go to the spreadsheet in it for a list of the yards and stores that have closed since 2008.

Did they miss some? Very possible.