Tuesday, May 3, 2011


If you're a builder looking for a good modular home factory and live in the any of the Southeastern states, you've got a great modular factory to look at if you are into green construction.  Affinity Building Systems located in Lakeland, GA just might be a good fit.

There are a couple of things that I like about them.  First, there website is easy to use and even easier to understand.  They are a relatively new and use some of the most advanced machinery to help their production people to build a very strong and green home.  When you go to their website, check out the tour of the factory.  That alone is worth the visit.

Then another feature I found interesting is their published price list.  The prices are for their standard homes with only the standard features but it gives you a good jumping off point for pricing a home.  It also includes freight charges to your area.  But the thing I found a little confusing about the price list; which is there for the new home buyer; is whether it requires a builder to add profit to that number or does it have a predetermined profit built into it.  Good question to ask if you're a builder.

Overall, they seem to be doing things right. 


Anonymous said...

Great website. It is impressive. Thank you for the find and sharing this information. That is what makes you a great coach.

Isaac said...

Coach -
It may not be clear from the site but that is the retail price and they have figured in what I would consider to be a fair margin for the builder. They only sell to builders, not to retail customers. I have visited this plant and was impressed with their operations team and product. I would highly recommend that other builders consider using them if they are somewhat close to south Georgia.