Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Always on the lookout for good things to read concerning modular homes, I visit modular factory websites and their blogs about every month.  I'm digging for little nuggets of information that I think people looking to purchase a new modular home would enjoy reading.

This week while looking through the Barvista Building Systems website, I visited a page that I've been to quite often but this time I scrolled down the page a little further and Voila!.. I found a section called CUSTOM.  In this section are articles and pictures about some of the custom materials and features that can be built into their homes.

The only problem with this page is that I can't find a direct link to it from the home page.  That needs to be addressed ASAP as this is a neat asset.

I read articles about factory installed closed cell insulation, standing seam metal roofing, rafter details and a lot more things that I had never noticed before.  So when you visit their HIGHLIGHTS page, make sure you scroll down the page or you'll miss some very good things about what modular home factories can do.

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